2013 Tournament Calendar

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Date SortDatesLocationTournamentOrganizationAgesManagerNotes
130119Jan. 19-21Palm Springs, CADesert ClassicMSBL
130302Mar. 2-4Las Vegas, NVKickoff ClassicMSBL18+, 35+, 55+
130309Mar. 9-11Las Vegas, NVKickoff ClassicMSBL25+, 45+, 50+, 65+
130525May 25-27San Diego, CAFun Tournament--60+60+: Angelo Crudale
130525May 25-27Las Vegas, NVLas Vegas OpenMSBL18+, 25+, 35+, 45+, 55+
130831Aug. 31-Sep. 2Woodland-Davis, CABest of the WestMSBL25+, 35+, 45+, 55+, 60+55+: Skip Stephens
60+: Denny Brown
131109Nov. 9-16Ft. Myers, FLRH World SeriesRoy Hobbs55+, 65+55+:
65+: Denny Brown
131116Nov. 16-23Ft. Myers, FLRH World SeriesRoy Hobbs60+, 70+60+: Bob Wilms
130208Feb. 8-10Ft. Myers, FLFamily Ties DivisionRoy Hobbs
130208Feb. 8-10Ft. Myers, FL38+ Veterans DivisionRoy Hobbs
130211Feb 11-14Ft. Myers, FLSpring Training CampRoy Hobbs
130218Feb. 14-18Ft. Myers, FLPresident's DayRoy Hobbs
130222Feb. 22-24Ft. Myers, FLUnlimited DivisionRoy Hobbs
131014Oct 14-20Phoenix, AZMSBL World SeriesMSBL70+ Wood Bat5 games
131013Oct 13-18Phoenix, AZMSBL World SeriesMSBL50+ Wood Bat6 games
131016Oct 16 - 20Phoenix, AZMSBL World SeriesMSBL25+ Wood Bat5 games
131019Oct 19 - 24Phoenix, AZMSBL World SeriesMSBL55+ Wood Bat6 games
131021Oct 21-27Phoenix, AZMSBL World SeriesMSBL65+ Wood Bat5 games
131021Oct 21-26Phoenix, AZMSBL World SeriesMSBL35+ Central Aluminum6 games
131023Oct 23-27Phoenix, AZMSBL World SeriesMSBL22+ Federal Aluminum5 games
131024Oct 24-27Phoenix, AZMSBL World SeriesMSBLFather-Son4 games
131028Oct 28 - Nov 2Phoenix, AZMSBL World SeriesMSBL35+ Wood Bat6 games
131028Oct 28 - Nov 2Phoenix, AZMSBL World SeriesMSBL45+ Wood Bat6 games
131028Oct 28 - Nov 2Phoenix, AZMSBL World SeriesMSBL60+ Wood Bat6 games